Below the Belt? You decide.


5 Responses to Below the Belt? You decide.

  1. treadmarkz says:

    Below the Belt? No, just plain stupid.

  2. baloocartoons says:

    Stupid? Oh, you must be an Obama peson. Just be patient. I’ll soon be unfair to McCain and other people with thint THAT’S stupid.

  3. Christopher says:

    i loved this! hahaha!!! and ive seen a lot of little anti-obama cartoons … this is a new one, i’ll have to send this to some people, bwahahahahahhaahahah!!!!!!!!!! and by the way i’m no mccain supporter.

  4. baloocartoons says:

    Me neither! Worst two candidates since…last time? BTW, you can buy this (and others) as a notecard at:

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